About Mindy

The curving petal of flower just after a light rain becomes a thing of the imagination beyond its original silent beauty. Sparkling and crystalline becoming itself ornamented, transcending its own incomparable beauty in each of hundreds of tiny sparkling droplets; each a reflection, each its own world.

Watching each leaf of a plant as it reaches and points towards the sun, searching for the light to find nurturing warmth we witness a miracle of nature. You can see the movement of the plants as they follow the sun and witness their assertion that they are alive. The smallest bud or the largest bloom each has its own beauty; one a promise, the other the destiny of that promise although brief, its beauty is eternal.

This is world of designer Mindy Lam; a world of beauty unseen that for many is just a promise. The artistry of Mindy Lam is that she forces us to pause and experience that beauty through her delicate and sometimes bold designs.

It is in Hong Kong, in her family’s gardens outside their home that Mindy was first inspired as she saw the light filtering through the lychee trees. The leaves would glisten after a brief summer rain, an abundance of flowers in every color; vibrant and perfumed; a veritable Eden in every sense. This is where Mindy first discovered her gift of creation and where she returns to find continued inspiration. Mindy works in precious metals and uses Swarovski crystals which she carefully and lovingly transforms into her Couture line and jewelry collections.

The collectors of Mindy Lam can see how each piece is a step in her evolution as, like the leaves of a plant, she reaches for the light; a light of artistic truth. Her creations are each unique and organic, and be used in different ways and beg to be seen and not kept in a box.

It is wasteful to keep beauty tucked away; let it be seen, let it be touched and let it be adored.

Mindy Lam resides in Metropolitan DC with her daughter Kel. Mindy Lam offers both limited Couture and Collection jewelry lines.

Come back soon...there's much more to come!